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 24 Hour Emergency Service

E C S C provides professional blood and bodily fluid clean up services for residential and commercial properties, including apartments, hotels, factories, vehicles and public areas in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Experienced and thorough sanitation services are needed after an event leaves bloodshed. Our trained biohazard cleanup team is equipped with industry leading technology, training and years of experience in successfully disinfecting and eliminating harmful health hazards that can be spread by direct contact with blood.

24 Hour Emergency Service


Crime and trauma scenes in  Texas,   Oklahoma , Arkansas and Louisiana  for   law enforcement, apartment complexes, HOA’s and funeral homes


  • Even when blood is not visible at a crime scene, it’s still not expedient for anyone other than an expert to attempt crime scene clean up.  Our decontamination team carefully assesses each situation.  We know what to look for – the blood that’s seeped into the floorboards, the red stain slowly spreading beneath a bed’s covers, the rusty substance caked under a car’s seat.  We’re experts at discovering blood’s presence – and we’ll eliminate all traces of it safely and effectively.

We at Extreme crime scene cleanup believe that the client comes first, and we will take every precaution to ensure your safety while at the same time ensuring the safety of your neighbors. Our company recognizes the need to have blood-borne pathogens and body fluids decontaminated and removed, and the accident or crime scene area cleaned safely and professionally. Our services are very discreet and we are sensitive to your needs. Extreme crime scene cleanup is a family-owned business   We have determined that there is no other service in this area which provides a professional and safe way to clean up body fluids that may carry viruses such as AIDS/HIV, HBV, HCV and TB. We have been recommended by the law enforcement agencies in our area 

When people are killed, or seriously injured by a violent crime, a suicide attempt or an accident, crime scene cleanup services and trauma scene cleanup services are often called to clean the mess that is left behind. Crime scene and trauma scene cleaners sterilize a crime scene or trauma scene and take precautions against any potential biohazards.  



Suicide Clean up

When the  Team Technicians finish their suicide clean up, no evidence of a suicide remains at the scene.  Clients often can’t believe that the “before” and “after” pictures we provide to them are the same space.   

crime scene cleanup

Cleaning up after a crime, accidental death, trauma scene, has taken place is difficult; it can be incredibly sad, potentially dangerous, and requires a great deal of attention to Expansion1 police and investigation rules and regulations.

Unattended Death

The professional staff at Extreme  Crime Scene Cleanup  can help a grieving family by dealing quickly and effectively with an unattended death clean up. We are sensitive to a family’s grief, and will completely explain the process that may be required for their particular situation.

Hoarding Cleanup

We have provided our specialized hoarding cleanup service for more than 375 homes . On average we assist 1-3 hoarding homes each week. We are available 24 hours for the following services



My name is Kenneth Brown, me and my wife Alisha Brown , have been cleaning Crime and Hoarding scenes since 1999. From 1999 to 2013, I operated K,R,I. Crime Scene Cleanup. Then in 2014 K.R.I. was taken over by another company. Then i went to work for Extreme Hoarding Cleanup. To continue serving our customers with there cleanup needs. Now offering Extreme Crime Scene Cleanup, for all of your Bio Hazard and Hazardous  Waste needs.  Servicing all Oklahoma and Arkansas.


24 Hour Emergency Service


Crime and trauma scenes in  Texas,   Oklahoma , Arkansas and Louisiana  for   law enforcement, apartment complexes, HOA’s and funeral homes.   


We at Extreme Crime Scene Cleanup always like to make those who have experienced a traumatic event in their lives feel as comfortable as possible. We understand your needs and are very compassionate at a time when you need it most. From the start we strive to make the client feel at ease about the situation. 

We apply all of our knowledge, expertise, and manpower in performing our job an returning the scene to a safe and healthy condition in as short a time as possible. 

Upon arrival at the scene we start the fumigation process to kill any unsuspected airborne viruses. The client will always be informed of the progress from start to finish. 

We know that our business is the cleaning up of blood and body fluids and hope that you may never need us, but in the unfortunate event that you do, remember that we are here for you.

Company History

We, the members who make up this family-owned business, have lived all our lives in the Ok- Ark-La-Tex region and we know that there is a need for our type of service. Through our own research and with help from local law enforcement   we have determined that, for this area, there is no other company like ours. After cleaning up several horrendous crime scenes the customers have told us that we are a God-send. 

 Hard work and determination have given us a proven track record in professionalism, courtesy and compassion. 

We strive to remain the best at what we do and we are continuously involved in training to expand our knowledge and expertise. 

Home and business owners have always asked the same question; Who do we get to clean this up?  Now you know the answer to that question!

Our Staff

Our staff includes  law enforcement agents with forensic experience, and hazardous material technicians. 

All of the technicians have been certified (by  OSHA Trainer And  in the removal of blood-borne pathogens and hazardous materials .

Let our staff assist you when grief caused by tragedy is more than you can bear, whether it be fatal or non-fatal. 

On call staff for 24-hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Remember that our telephone number might just be THE most important number you will ever need.