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Crime and trauma scenes in  Texas,   Oklahoma , Arkansas and Louisiana  for   law enforcement, apartment complexes, HOA’s and funeral homes


Extreme crime scene cleanup offers professional bio-hazard cleaning and disposal services at competitive prices.  Why hire a less experienced company to take care of your hazardous cleaning needs? 

With experience comes wisdom, and we have learned over the years that it is possible to give a quote over the phone without assessing a scene.  If you are in need of services, a Haz-Mat and Lead Bio-hazard Technician will assess the site and discuss the job requirements with you.  You will be given a quote at that time with no hidden charges. 

Many insurance policies pay for bio-hazard cleaning, sanitizing and disposal services.  Extreme crime scene cleanup has worked directly with insurance adjusters for 20 years, and will assist you in contacting your insurance company and setting up a claim.  We will bill your insurance directly for covered charges, and in most cases, you will have no out-of-pocket expenses for the clean-up.

When services are required as a result of a crime (i.e., assault, murder, robbery, etc.), the Crime Victims’  Compensation Fund may pay