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Crime and trauma scenes in  Texas,   Oklahoma , Arkansas and Louisiana  for   law enforcement, apartment complexes, HOA’s and funeral homes


 Crime scene clean up  is necessary to remove all traces of tear gas, which seeps into walls and other surfaces.  As a nonviolent means of extraction, tear gas is ideal.  Its chemical makeup makes it impossible for anyone to resist it without a masking device.  However, it lingers long after the perpetrator is forced out of the building.  Enlist the help of a professional crime scene clean up crew.  They will remove all traces of tear gas and restore the scene to its original state.

  • Self-clean up is not recommended, and it’s virtually impossible.  Don’t assume that the gas will disappear on its own.
  • Just because you can’t see it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Tear gas is a silent irritant; if the area is not decontaminated, its presence can cause watery eyes and respiratory distress.
  • The building needs to be completely disinfected.  Filters must be changed, walls must be cleansed; in fact, the substance must be extracted from the entire structure, not just the room (s) in which it the gas was used.
  • treats tear gas removal the same as they would a methamphetamine lab – they are that thorough.  Their trained crews operate specialized equipment that removes all traces of the gas, ensuring that the occupants can move back in without fear of irritants.
  • A two-hour response time nationwide means a trained team straight to your door, equipment at the ready.          

As a fully licensed and bonded  crime scene clean up company ,  specializes in dealing with all types of crime scenes.  Call us for quick removal of residual tear gas.